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Is nausea normal after prk surgery?

I feel nausea after prk surgery. Is this normal? Or what causes it?
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  • John Hendry


    Yes, it is normal for you to get the nausea after the prk surgery. The nausea is mainly caused by the unbalance in the whole system in the body especially in the ears. In addition, the ear and eye nerves are interlinked. The prk surgery will cause the effect on the ears. Thus, you may feel nausea after the prk surgery. You must protect your eyes carefully after the prk surgery by not using the eyes too much time.
  • Rickey Stumphf


    Well, generally speaking, it is normal to have I do not think the nausea can be caused by the prk surgery. Nausea is the sensation of unease and discomfort in the upper stomach and head with an urge to vomit. So we can say that it is a kind of problem which is about the stomach. Generally speaking, alcohol, or stress are the causes which can lead to it. And it is common to occur from a viral infection, food poisoning, milk allergy, motion sickness, overeating or feeding, coughing, or blocked intestines and high fever. But there is nothing to do with prk surgery. There are many tips you should pay attention to, if you have taken the surgery. For example, you should be careful when you have shower. For foods, you should eat foods high in beta-carotene, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
  • cajunbel29


    Well, it is true that sometimes prk surgery would give rise to a lot of problems and lasting impacts on our eyes afterwards, such as watery eyes, painful eyes, nausea, or other infections. It is quite normal because prk surgery is not perfect and extremely reliable, there are always side effects, depending on different bodies. So, after getting nausea feeling, you should recheck your eyes and maybe get some medicine from the doctor.