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How can I avoid sunglasses make up marks on my face?

I really love my oversized black sunglasses but the only problem is it leaves some sort of a make up mark when I wear them. Do you have similar problem? How can I avoid it?
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  • Alexa joyce


    If your sunglasses fit you well, there is no noticeable marks on your face. I have a pair of sunglasses which fit me fine. I never find any marks on my face. So when you choose sunglasses, you should choose those that not only look good on you but also fit comfortably. What's more, a good translucent powder may help you avoid make up marks on your face.
  • Ieff


    To avoid make up marks on your face, you should not overuse the products on your face. And make sure the sunglasses fit you well. Beyond that, there is really nothing you can do to avoid sunglasses make up marks on my face especially when it gets hot.
  • david


    I think you are wearing too much make up on your face. Make sure the makeup you use can blend perfectly with your skin and don't use too much powder. carry oil blotting sheets in your purse and remove the excess oil off your face to take care of those marks.

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