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How do you think about the striped glasses?

I just found some people wearing glasses with the stripes across the shades, and it looks quite strange to me. How do you think about these striped glasses?
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  • cthier


    I think striped glasses look strange,too. I can't understand why people want to wear these striped eyeglasses. The striped glasses with the strips across the lenses will affect the wearer's vision. In my opinion, people who wear striped glasses can't see things clearly. Maybe they wear striped glasses just for fashion purpose or they want striped eyeglasses to hide their eyes so that nobody can see their eyes clearly.
  • campbell


    It is funny. Some people also called it as funky eyeglasses. But i think that eyeglasses with the stripes across the shades are more suitable to wear for attending some parties or concerts. Still there is another type of striped glasses that with strips on the glasses frames. These striped framed eyeglasses will fit for all, old or young. But most of girls like to wear it for a new and good look.