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How to stop my baby from rubbing eyes?

My baby likes to rub her eyes. I think rubbing eyes is bad for her eye health. What can i do to keep her from rubbing eyes?
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  • maria calderin


    Yes, of course, rubbing eyes is really a bad habit for every one of us, since by doing so, we are easier to get infected eyes, red eyes, and other eye disorders anyway. Indeed, I am sorry to hear that, buy what I can recommend based on your circumstances is to seek professional treatment from eye doctors and see if there is anything wrong with your kid's eyes. Generally, it is quite normal so you don't have to worry too much about it.
  • Danai P.


    If you find your baby always rub her eyes, you should be careful. People usually rub their eyes when he feel eye itches, eye drys. So, you must observer if she has such symptoms. If so, she may get eye infection or just dry eyes. You'd better have her a comprehensive eye test to see what's going on. And then take the right way to treat her eyes. As long as she feel her eyes good, she won't rub her eyes again.
  • Kelley


    When your baby has the habit of rubbing the eyes, there must be probably some eye problems for him or her. Only do he or she feels not comfortable can he or she rubs the eyes. You'd better go to bring him or her to the hospital to have a full check on the eyes.


    Yes, it is not good for your kids to rub her eyes. Because as we know that child‘s eyes are more sensitive than adult's, it will be infected easy. In serious situation, it can lead to many eye diseases. So as parent, you should pay more attention to it. And also, you can take some measures to prevent this thing happen. For example, you can buy some tolls for her, so that she will focus on playing new thing and have no time to rub her eyes. But, the basic task is to wash her hands cleanly.
  • handsomestudgw


    We know that the little baby can not know that rubbing his eyes will cause self-injury. So we are looking for some method to stop that happening. There are a few kind of methods. The first one is cover your baby's hands whenever you think he may rub his eyes. Use special baby mittens or baby shirts with sleeves that fold over the hands to protect against eye rubbing and face scratching. The second is that aatch your baby for signs of fatigue and sleepiness. Yawning and rubbing the eyes are common indications that a little one needs to nap.When you notice the first signs of sleepiness, put your baby to bed immediately to avoid the fatigue progressing to the point of eye rubbing.The third method is that hold your baby's hands away from his face gently if he wants to rub his eyes. Distract your little one with an engaging toy or music to get his mind off rubbing his eyes. Hope this helpful.