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Can prescription glasses be tinted to prescription sunglasses?

Can i take my regular rx glasses to my local store and ask them to tint my glasses to a rx one? If yes, how much?
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  • vivienne doyle


    got my prescription sunglasses tinted but thers were to light can i get darker
  • Guest


    Surely you can.I have my glasses tinted only for $5.They look so fashionable now.
  • Daniel christian


    Of course you can.If you only want it tinted for fashion,you just need to add the color to it.It would cost less than $10 and can be much cheaper in some online stores. But if you want it to have UV protection,you need to ask the optical store to put an anti-reflective coating on it.
  • Rich Moran


    Can I tint my current prescription glasses into sunglasses permanently?
  • Alexander david


    Yes, you can do it.Your regular RX lenses can be tinted to any color you want and make you a pair of prescription sunglasses. Just take you glasses to the local optical store and make your lenses tinted. But that would cost you much if at local optical stores, maybe $20-70. But it is much cheaper online,my tinted glasses cost me only $4.95 from Firmoo, one of the optical online store, pretty good!
  • Joseph campbell


    It is possible for you to have your regular prescription glasses tinted. You can also add some other coatings just as same as sunglasses have,such as, anti-reflective, anti-scratched and those can block UV rays. However, it will be some difficult and will cost you extra money.I recommend that you go to buy a new one.
  • handril


    Yes of course, and tinted prescription sunglasses are very good for our eyes. they not only play the role of normal prescription glasses, doing the correction, but also as the sunglasses, protecting the eyes from UV rays. So I think they are necessary accessories in summer, especially for people who are nearsighted or far-sighted. But the cost is depend on where you buy them, I advise you to buy them online, in fact, they are usually sold very cheap online store, under $50 , you can get a good pair of tinted prescription sunglasses. Take a look at this site:
  • Daniel christian


    Just go to your doctor and tell him what you want, then he will understand and do it for you.
  • Charlie White


    The answer can be NO. If you wear trifocals an some bifocals the classes CAN NOT be made into sunglasses.

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