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Sara nelson


Can food allergies cause itchy eyes?

I suffer food allergies and then my eyes are itchy. I wonder if food allergies can cause itchy eyes? Why or why not?
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  • Jaime


    Yeah, many people who have the allergic reaction on the seafood may feel itchy in the eyes after eating the sea food. Because the complexion gets allergic, the eye nerves may get affected. Thus, you should better get away from the allergic food. If your eyes get itchy, you could go to see the doctor and get the treatment from the doctor.
  • Robert ja


    Yes, It is possible to get itch eyes from food allergies. Some food allergies result in immediate, severe and even life-threatening symptoms. Of course, different people may got different symptoms. But generally speaking, it includes sore, red and itchy eyes, heezing or shortness of breath and diarrhoea, feeling sick, vomiting and bloating etc. But you shall make sure if it really caused by food allergies if you got itchy eyes.
  • Isabel fergus


    Both airborne and food allergies can result in itchy and watery eyes. Some airborne fungal spores, like pollen, might cause eye allergy, especially in spring. Food allergy is more serious, which will cause inflammation, not only eyes but other parts of the body. Itchy, red and watery are the most common complaints. Do not have food that can lead to allergy. See an ophthalmologist. Take allergy medicine and have a good rest.
  • Debbie


    Yes, it can. First of all, an allergy is an abnormal reflection of human organs to certain medicine or foreign stimulations. In general, it means that some organs of your people are highly sensitive to some substance so that these organs will generate abnormal stress response to resist. As allergic could happen to any organs, eyes could also suffer food allergies too. The most typical allergic reaction of eyes is allergic conjunctivitis. The symptom is itchy eyes in most cases. Allergy is not curable. It can be prevented and treated. Use anti-allergic eye-drops before allergy happens. Use resolution of 3% boric acid to wash your eyes when it itches. The most effective method is keeping you away from allergens.