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How to make my eyes look less asian?

My mother is Asian, and my father is American. So i have some facial features with Asian including my eyes. Is there anyway that can make my eyes look less asian?
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  • b3aut1fl_d1zast


    As Bible says, we are all the gift from the God, so are your asian eyes. You can try to accept your differences and learn to enjoy them. Because of your different eyes, you can tell others that you are unique in the world. Your asian eyes are also very beautiful i believe. In the other words, if you really want to make your eyes less asian, you can try to wear contact lenses which have many different colours. Chose one with the color you want and enjoy it.
  • Alexandria taylor


    Many people may say that the asian eyes lack the attraction, not like the foreign eyes. But now it is lucky that the colored contact lenses may help you solve this problem. Wearing the colored contact lenses like the chocolate, blue ones, you may also look attractive at your eyes.
  • walkinawayfromu


    Hello, I can give you some suggestions. You can do eye makeup. You can give you eyelid some colours. And also, since Asian people's eyeballs are black, while American people's eyeballs are mostly blue or yellow. So you can wear some contact lenses with those colours to make your eyes look less asian.

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