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What are benefits of wearing oakley sunglasses?Are they expensive?

I saw many people around me prefer Oakley sunglasses. They said Oakley sunglasses are good choices when they are engage in some sports activities. Why? What are benefits of wearing oakley sunglasses?Are they expensive?
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  • Lex


    Yeah, a lot of people tend to wear the Oakley sunglasses because of its fashionable design and good quality. Especially when you do the sports activities, the oakley sunglasses will be the good choice. Although they are expensive, they will make you look fashionable and cool. And the quality of material is so good that makes the sunglasses be durable. In a word, oakley sunglasses are absolutely a good choice.
  • Susan Wright


    As far as i know, most of oakley sunglasses are made to allow people to wear when they engage in some outdoor sports activities like cycling. So, most of oakley sunglasses are made of impact resistant materials to protect their eyes from some damages by accident. Besides, most of Oakley sunglasses are made with polarized lenses that can shield eyes from intensive sunshine and glares etc. Thought it is a little expensive, it is worthy to buy .
  • Erika


    First of all, Oakley sunglasses are very suitable for outside sports activities, it's very convenient for those people to do the outside sports activities. Some glares outside are very harmful for your eyes, But using Oakley sunglasses can defend defend your eyes from those glares. They are more expensive than other sunglasses due to their special benefis.