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Ana evelyn


What are benefits of wearing safety glasses?

I saw some people wearing a pair of strange glasses when they do their job. Someone told me it is safety glasses. So, What benefits can they get from wearing safety glasses?
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  • Janice


    Safety glasses aren't the same as regular glasses. Because of small particles can fly into the eyes, the safety glasses can protect particulate matter when you are working in construction, metalwork or other careers that would be thrown particulate matters into a worker's eyes. And it can protect workers' eyes who are working with harmful liquid or powdered chemicals, in a word, it can prevent eye damage from chemicals. Next, it can prevent chlorine sting when you are swimming in chlorinated swimming pools. Because of too much chlorine can cause eye pain. Last but not the least, it can prevent dry eyes in order not to make blurry vision.
  • Mariah shelley


    Yeah, a lot of people working at office tend to wear the safety glasses to protect their eyes from the computers. The so-called protective glasses is a kind of filter, changing through the intensity of light and spectral to avoid radiation light to damage to the eyes. This kind of glasses can absorb certain wavelengths of light, letting other wavelength light through. Thus. the most effective and the most commonly used method to protect the eyes from damage of computers is to wear protective glasses.
  • chocolateeeee


    People like to wear safety glasses when they do their job, because safety glasses provide ample coverage to help protect their eyes while still enabling them to see what they need to get the job done. Safety glasses are made of an assortment of unique features. For example, some include polycarbonate lenses or frames, some are fitted or incorporate a full shield for the face if the user is engaged in particularly hazardous work, and some enable the user to wear their prescription lenses or incorporate prescription lenses into the safety lenses.
  • Fnena


    Wearing safety glasses over prescription glasses has many benefits. Whereas pair of prescription safety glasses can be costly, over glasses fit right over the top of your regular glasses. Over glasses are durable and will protect the glasses underneath. You do not need to worry about damaging your prescription glasses. Over glasses can be worn indoors or outdoors, at a construction yard or in your garage. You will wonder why you haven't purchased a pair yet.

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