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Why do yellow tinted sunglasses make things brighter?

I know many people choose yellow sunglasses because these yellow tinted sunglasses can make objects brighter. Why?
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  • Faith


    Yeah, the yellow sunglasses really make the objects brighter.Strictly speaking, yellow lens do not belong to the category of the sun glasses because the yellow lens almost do not absorb the visible light. But it has the great advantage that yellow lens can improve the contrast in the foggy environment or the evening sky, providing more accurate video. So the yellow lenses glasses are also known as night vision goggles for motorists to use. We can also find that many people will wear the yellow tinted glasses when they shoot to improve the shooting averages.
  • Riley eddy


    Yes, yellow tinted sunglasses can make things brighter because the tinted lenses can increase contrast especially in hazy, foggy and low light conditions. They can make other objects appear sharper. This is why hunter like to wear yellow tinted sunglasses when they hurting. But the yellow tinted sunglasses can also cause color distortion, So, the yellow tinted sunglasses are not recommend to wear when you drive.
  • adams


    It is because that yellow sunglasses are able to absorb one hundred percent of ultraviolet ray and blue light in sunlight. After the blue light is absorbed, the objects within the vision will be clearer and brighter. Many athletes engaged on outdoor sports, such as hunting, bicycle and shooting prefer sunglasses with yellow lenses. Additionally, different colored sunglasses have different fields. Tawny is acknowledged as the best color for sunglasses. It can absorb almost one hundred percent of both ultraviolet ray and infrared ray. It makes people feel comfortable and keeps tired away. Grey is also a popular color for sunglasses. It will absorb all the infrared ray and part of ultraviolet ray. It changes color of objects and makes them look natural and mild. Green lenses, the same with grey ones, could absorb hundred percent of ultraviolet and ninety-nine percent of infrared ray. Also, it obstructs green light and red light to come into eyes. It makes objects look fresh. Many fashion ladies have red sunglasses. Red lenses are good at absorbing light with shorter wavelength. There capacity of protection is lower than the other colors. It shall be emphasized that blue sunglasses will pick up harmful blue lights and let them enter people’s eyes. It is totally not healthy.
  • Vanessa edward


    Yellow tinted sunglasses really can make objects brighter in that yellow or golden tinted lenses can prevent blue light, while more light in other frequencies can penetrate through yellow tinted lenses. The yellow can eliminate the blue portion of the spectrum, such that all objects appear to be bright and clear. Especially in foggy environment or at dusk, yellow tinted lenses can improve contrast ratio and provide a more accurate image. However, yellow tinted sunglasses will make the color perception a little distortion, therefore this kind of color tinted sunglasses are not suitable for those who need to accurately identify the color of the objects.