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Are transition glasses better than sunglasses?

I find more and more people choose transition glasses instead of sunglasses. Are these transition glasses better than sunglasses. What are benefits of transition glasses?
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  • b3autyqu33nof17


    In my own opinion, the transition glasses are not good as the sunglasses. As we know, the design of transition glasses may help you change the color between the indoors and outdoors environment. But when you are out, the uv protection from transition glasses is not as good as the sunglasses because of the coating material. And when you go outside from the inner house, the transition glasses may not make you adapt to the change quickly which may be a little harm to your eyes adaptability. What's more, you should know that the kids are not suitable to wear above both eyeglasses because their eyes are not developed in the fixed shape which need the sunlights to stimulate the development.
  • Noah james


    It depends on how you use it. Compared sunglasses, transition glasses can adjust themselves automatically according to the change of the sunshine. They can be dark lenses in sun and become transparent lenses indoors. However, they can adjust the lenses because of UV rays in the sunshine. If you wear it in car, the glasses may not turn dark if your car filled with glasses that with UV protection. So, if you drive, you's better choose sunglasses to help you reduce strong light.
  • Derek T.


    Yes, it could be better. Transition glasses are specially treated to react to the amounts of UV lights. In general, the higher the UV light level, the darker the lenses become. That is to say, transition lenses prevent UV lights to damage eyes. And it is enough for wearer to carry one pair of glasses because transition glasses have both functionality of glasses and sunglasses. Of course they also are cost effective as well. Additionally, they have specific protection for eyes, that is to say, the protection degree of trainsition glasses can be differ based on the amount of sunlight. For example, they would be darker in bright days, and would be less dark in cloudy days. At the same time, they could protect eyesight, especially the retina.
  • Luke shelley


    Well, I think the transition glasses are good for your eyes. As we know that they can protect your eyes from the sun's rays by quickly adjusting and adapting in changing light for better eyesight. In this way, your eyes will not be destroyed by the serious sunshine. And also, transition glasses can change its color according to surrounding light conditions. Because of all those special effects, they are popular with many people who often have to go outside. Maybe you can have a try.

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