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Bridget C


what causes eye pain and swelling?

I get eye pain. And when i check my eyes through mirror, i noticed that my eyes are swelling. It looks weird. Why? What causes it?
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  • Lindsay


    Don't worry! you just have some common problems. I think they will not bring you long term effects if you treat them seriously and timely. There may be many causes for eye pains. If there are some foreign objects in your eyes, they may lead to eye pains. If you are working in front of a computer for too long, you may suffer eye pains too. Just relax you eyes. If the symptoms persist, you can go to see a doctor.
  • Paige


    Dear friend, you can apply for some artificial tears to relieve your pain eye. Many eye pain and itch are caused by dry eyes. And artificial tears are the safest kind of medicines for dry eyes. They will not cause side effects. As to your swelling eyes, they may be caused by drink too much water before go to bed. So next time, don’t drink too much water before go to bed. You can also ask doctors to diagnose your eyes.