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Erin rupert


Can I wear soft contact lenses over hard ones?

I often wear prescription contacts. They're the hard ones and I can't wear soft lens because of my special eye shape. But the hard lenses don't come in colors. So I am wondering if I can wear soft contact lenses over hard ones?
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  • Jason


    No, you can't. I wonder how can your eyes hold two pairs of contacts. Even you can succeed in doing it, it could have a harmful effect on your eye. There will be restricting oxygen flow to the eye and can easy cause vision problems.
  • walkn0nsunshine


    No, it is not a good idea. You could ruin your eyes by doing this way. If you want to make your eyes look more beautiful, a good eye makeup
  • eeelisa814


    You'd better not do that way. Wearing two pairs of contact lenses would restrict oxygen get into the eye. Thus it is dangerous and it may cause some eye problems. Moreover, your eyes may feel quite uncomfortable.
  • cook


    I don't think the soft lenses can fit properly over the top of the hard lenses. I've never heard people wear the soft contact lenses together with the hard lenses. Go to check with your doctor.

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