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What are benefits of sunlight for eyes?

i lover sunshine. I heard that sunlight is beneficial to our eyes. Is that true? What benefits can we get from sunlight?
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    The little amount of sunshine may be good for the eyes. It can let the eyes to get the adaptability to lights. That is why small children needs to have the sunlight sometimes which may stimulate their eye nerves to lights when their eyes are not fixed in the development. However, too much amount of sunlight may be bad for the eyes. As we know, there will be much bad lights, like uv, damaging our eyes which may shines directly at the eyeballs to let them get infected and make them feel not good. Thus, only the limited amount of sunlight is good for our eyes.
  • Vanessa edward


    I think it's ture that sunlight is beneficial to our eyes.Looking directly at the sun is bad, but according to the scientists' study, if children bath 10 hours a week under the sunshine,it will prevent myopia.Appropriate feeling of glowing can promote blood circulation, so it's good for our vision.In fact, the best way to protect the eyes is to wash your face,and you can wash and massage acupuncture points around the eyes.
  • evelyn


    It is not true. On the contrary, sunlight is harmful to human eyes. Sunlight is too strong for human eyes. The ultraviolet ray and infrared ray do direct harm to eyes. If eyes get too much stimulation of ultraviolet ray, the conjunctiva and the cornea will suffer damage. You may feel burning, hurt, afraid of light and hard to open your eyes. Infrared ray could travel longer and deeper than ultraviolet ray. Thus, the retina inside human eyes will be hurt if get too much stimulation of infrared ray. Both these damages could turn into different eye disease. That is why fisher, sailor and other people who expose in strong sunshine to often suffer bigger risk of having eye disease.