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Are droopy eyelids hereditary?

Is it true that droopy eyelids are hereditary? If so, Is there any way to prevent it?
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  • Ana evelyn


    Scientifically speaking there are many causes of a droopy eye and some causes are normal such as aging. As people age, the tissues around the eye can begin to droop as collagen and elastin break down. Collagen and elastin are the fibers in the skin that support the underlying structures of the skin to maintain a youthful appearance. If a droopy eye comes on suddenly, it is usually caused by an underlying medical condition. I do not think droopy eyes are hereditary,but if neither of your mother and you pay little attention to eyes maintain,you both will suffer droopy eyes. So,you need to eat more food with vitamin and collagen,then good sleep will be helpful as well.
  • chronojwl


    well, yes, droopy eyelids can be hereditary. And there are some causes which can lead to droopy eyelids. For example, weak levator muscle, paralysis of some nerves, even Injuries such as fracture of the skull bone between eye socket and nose can cause droopy eyelids. If your situation is hereditary, you may need to have some surgeries to cure it. And for the normal one, you can try some ways to treat it. For example, you can just put the cool teabags on your eyes. And repeat this for a few days. It can relieve the situation. By the way, stop rubbing your eyes, for that will lead to droopy eyelids. So just pay more attention to it.
  • Angelica giles


    Well, looks like there is something wrong with your eyelids. So, according to some cases and medical research, we can see that inborn droopy eyelids could be hereditary. I mean, if you have inborn droopy eyelids, then your offspring may suffer from them . However, if you try to get some surgery and pay more attention to them, or take some medicine. The problem would go away.