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What are home remedies for sore eyes in children?

It is very bad that my child got sore eyes. Can you tell me some home remedies to help my children?
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  • Catherine


    Sore eyes are a very common eye infection. There are many home remedies to relieve it. The first one is warm compress , to sooth your eyes. The most effective way is to apply cotton ball dipped in rose water to your eyes for several minutes, which can reduce your discomfort and inflammation. In addition to the below ways, you can extract juice of vegetables such as carrot to drink.
  • Jason lester


    Sore eyes are known as conjunctivitis, it is a common and contagious eye infection, which mostly occurs in the conjunctiva as well as in part of the eyeball. Hence, you should take a warm compress on the eyes for a few minutes for soothing the blood vessels. At the same time, you can place chilled cucumber slices to benefit the sore eyes. Or you can wash your eyes with warm water or milk several times each day for relieving the condition. On the other side, you can drink juice of vegetables, like carrots, spinach and parsley twice a day for quick relief.
  • Andrew


    Well, first, you should know that sore eyes are a very widespread and common eye infection that affects many people. It can be contagious. And if your eyes are infected with sore eyes, the blood vessels in the eyes will darken. Also, your eyes feel itchy, dry and sore, painful and discomfort. To treat it, you can use a clean and warm compress on the eyes for 2-3 minutes for a long time. Also, you should know that an eye pack made from chilled cucumber slices may be very beneficial. Finally, you can put cotton balls dipped in rose water over the eyes for a few minutes. This is very effective in reducing inflammation as well as discomfort. So you can just have a try. By the way, a sore eye can be caused by anything, such as a blow to the face, even something you do not care about. If you have some problems, I will suggest you go and see a doctor and he can give you some eye exam.