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Luis lewis


What are the best sunglasses for yachting?

I am looking for sunglasses for wearing on yachting. Any suggestion? What are the best sunglasses for yachting?
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  • Marc


    Yachting, belonging to the fierce activity, is a good sport. You can take the polarized sunglasses into consideration which may help you filter the suitable lights and protect your eyes from the uv. You'd better choose the real polarized sunglasses. If your economic condition is allowed, you could go to buy the sunglasses with big brands.
  • handsomestudgw


    Well, if you want to wear sunglasses to have yachting, there are many types which will be suitable for you. For example, you can wear Oakley sunglasses. As we know that it includes a snap-in gasket that turns the glasses into mini-goggles. In this way, they are the ideal for people who cruise at fast speeds. Because the wind can't creep around behind them and sweep the glasses off your face, it will do a good job for you. In addition, they have a hydrophobic coating that prevents water streaks, and include lenses for both bright and low light conditions. Anyway, you can have a try to make yourself feel comfortable when you have yachting.
  • walkwithme21


    Sunglasses are essential accessories while yachting or sailing. It can protect eyes from irritation of lights and get safe as we enjoy the happiness of the sea. However, there are some special requirements for sunglasses while yachting. It should be with polarized lenses. Because in the sea, the sunlight glare is stronger. Polarized lens can reduce the glare. Stability and fitness are necessary for water sports. Hair might be wind and salty water might flow into eyes, there are many disturbing thing while you enjoying. You had better to choose a sunglasses with adjustable terminals and nosepiece for your face figure and nose bridge. Above all, buy a professional one, like Rudy, Oakley. Most professional sunglasses manufacturer have sports sunglasses.