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Which sunglasses color should i get for blonde hair?

I'm buying sunglasses for my girlfriend and she has blonde hair and pale skin. Which sunglasses color should I get for her?
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  • walkentall


    Since your girl friend have blonde hair, you shall choose sunglasses with some light dark colored lenses. In details, a pair of light brown colored lenses is a good choose. Besides, you can also buy a pair of dark green ranbay aviator sunglasses. It is really cool. Or if your girl friends looks cute, you can choose a pair of light rose colored sunglasses. To be sure, you can use her photos to try one some sunglasses online (use Virtual try on system that most of glasses shop offer) and choose the best looking sunglasses.
  • walks_alone_


    If you have natural and dark blondes , you can try more subtle palette with baby pinks and blues, reds and canary yellows. Tortoiseshells and warm creams look premium, whilst gold metal frames keep things soft but strong. An easy to way to find which sunglasses color you should get is to follow a model or celebrity who has the same hair color with you and see which color she usually wears.
  • Ana


    Generally speaking, people with blonde hair need red, warm reds, off-white, light tortoise, coral, warm green, gold, copper, peach, or khaki frames to complement their hair. And gold rims are also flattering for people with blonde hair. According to the tone of the hair, people with black hair are really lucky because they can nearly wear whatever they like. Besides, I want to tell you about some types in style now. Sunglasses with faded color lens and with a bigger lens shape are very popular in recent years. Thick black rimmed sunglasses are also usually worn by those who can always grasp the latest fashion.

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