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Can sinus infection cause blepharitis?

Can sinus infection cause blepharitis? If so, how to treat it? Any idea?
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  • b1wdancer23


    The human body is an organic unity, and nose sick will affect the other organs of whole body, the other organs of the same body sick can also affect the nose. so, sinus infection can cause blephartis. there are two traditional ways to cure it: 1. pharmacotherapy 2. Surgical treatment i think the best way to cure is to blend the two ways, with the doctors' suggestions.
  • Joshua?hall


    Well, yes, sinus infection can lead to blephariti. As we know that when you have sinus infection, it is likely to have itchy eyes, red eyes. In some degrees, it can cause eye infection. In that way, it can lead to blephariti. To treat it, the most important method for preventing eye infections is frequent, proper hand washing, and keeps your eyes from being infected, for our hands and fingers can carry bacteria that cause eye infections. Generally speaking, it is important for individuals to avoid touching their eyes unless their hands are clean. And then, you can put a damp, warm washcloth held over the infected eye a few times a day. In this way, it can help relieve swelling, itching and redness. Avoiding wearing contacts and eye makeup can be effective too.