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Mackenzie rose


What happens if you rub your eye after cataract surgery?

My surgeon told me not to rub my eyes at least the following 8 weeks. Why? What happens if you rub your eye after cataract surgery?
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  • enigma_g


    It will be easy for your eye to get infected when you rub them after cataract surgery. You shouldn't get anything in your eyes including water as well. I advise you to wear protective eye shield or covering to prevent you from rubbing your eyes by accident. You should not do any make-up either. After the surgery, it is best for you to relax and have a rest. What you should do is listen to your doctor and be careful of your eyes.
  • Andrea lester


    Generally speaking, there are several reasons. First of all, after the surgery, your eyes, as well as its accessory organs, such as cornea, conjunctiva or even capillaries are very weak. If you rub it right now, you may easily destroy them. Surgeon will put a manmade crystalline lens in your eyes after the cut off the original one, rubbing may displace the lens and causes problems. Secondly, as hands touch a lot of things in one day, it gets many opportunities to contact bacteria. If you rub your eyes with hand, they can be easily infected by bacteria. As your eyes are weak at the time, it is much more risky to get eye disease like pink eyes, corneal ulcer or keratitis than usual. Once you get these diseases, it will also be much harder than usual to cure them as your eyes are is a special situation. Thus, for your eye's sake, do not rub your eyes right now. Even when you are totally recovered and the manmade crystalline lens is fixed in its place, rubbing eye is also not a suggested habit. It is unhealthy.
  • lampo


    Well, yes, you are not supposed to rub your eyes in the first several weeks after the surgery. As we know that, your fingers have some bacteria which can infect your eyes, when you rub the eyes with your fingers, for your eyes can be very sensitive and fragile, in the recovery period. In some serious cases, it can lead to some eye diseases, such as the pink eyes, dry eyes, even sore eyes. Anyway, you should not rub your eyes. Besides, there are also some other things you should pay more attention to. For foods, you should eat foods high in beta-carotene, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These substances are called antioxidants, and most of the nutritional components of cataract prevention and reversal are related to boosting antioxidant levels. Also, you should do some heavy exercises which can lead to eye strain.
  • Aly Chiman


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  • Catherine Durning


    what happens if you rub your eye after cataract surgery.

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