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What are the best glasses for working out?

What are the best glasses for working out? Any recommendation?
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  • Jocelyn griffin


    Well, since you want to them to have working out, I will recommend Oakley sunglasses and smith sports optics sunglasses. First, you should know some details about Oakley sunglasses. As we know that Oakley makes sunglasses for every sport, weather condition, light condition and style, for they have lightweight, impact-resistant frames. In that way, they provide durability, and complete customization. And what is important is that they have polarized lenses, so it can be beneficial. On the other hand, Smith Sports Optics offers a huge selection of sunglasses specifically designed for sports. In general you will find interchangeable lenses and maximum coverage without neglecting peripheral vision. The nose pads and temples have non-slip rubber so they stay in place during activity. And polarized lenses are available as well. Anyway, you can just search these two kinds of sunglasses, which can be suitable for you. Just have a try.
  • April


    Well, it seems that outdoor work is inevitable for you at present. As far as I know, polarized sunglasses or glasses are good for working out since they are both able to better protect your eyes from some harmful lights which could hurt your eyes. So, you may want to have a look at them over the stores or some websites. Hope this help you.
  • Cary


    When working out, you should wear the special sports spectacles, some people called it safty goggles. The lens should be PC lenses, which is light with good capacity of resistance. The mounting should be made of titanium alloy and the frame should be a bit thick to fasten firmly. Do not wear spectacles without frames, whose screw is liable to loosen. Once an incident occurs, they cannot protect your eyes and may hurt your eyes easily such as tearing your cornea, rubbing your eyelid, retinal detachment or hemorrhage.

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