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Connor scott


Are roberto cavalli sunglasses manufactured in china?

I am search roberto cavalli sunglasses on eBay. And i find a pair but it shows "Made in China" But I thought designers were made in Italy. Anyone knows? Are they real roberto cavalli sunglasses?
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  • evil_lanruoj


    Roberto Cavalli is a worldwide famous fashion brand witch is established by Italian designer Roberto Cavalli. Since the brand is formed in 1960s, its wild and sexy style makes it the pioneer of fashion. During the years, Roberto Cavalli keeps expending his company and accordingly, he has lots of manufacturing factories in different place of world. China as the most populated country in the world enjoys advantage of cheap labor. Thus, a big amount of international companies have established factories there. Roberto Cavalli is included. As it is designed in Italy, and China is just in charge of manufacturing step, so that Roberto Cavalli sunglasses made in China can be real.
  • walkersville


    Yeah, the cavalli sunglasses are really designed in Italy. They are fashionable, cool and attrative. Because the economy becomes globalized, many main company has set many branching companies around the world. So the roberto cavalli sunglasses with print of "made in china" can be the real ones. So you don't need to have a doubt.