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Does stephanie pratt wear colored contacts?

Do you know if stephanie pratt wears colored contact lenses? She looks amazing. If she wears, can you tell me what type of colored contact is?
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  • enriquejacob


    Yes, stephanie pratt wears the colored contact lenses to make her look so amazing and attractive at the eyes. It is the dark blue contact lenses that she wears. She looks so beautiful and charming at the whole look. If you like to wear the colored contact lenses, you could go to the online store to buy one.
  • Jen


    Oh, this is really hard question. I am not sure if she wear colored contact. Personally, I didn't care if she wear colored contact lenses. But I think she is really beautiful. But to see stephanie pratt from "the hills", i guess, she may wear colored contact lenses. Anyway, if you like blue eyes, you can buy blue colored contact lenses for looks.
  • Mackenzie


    She wear cosmetic colored contact lenses to make the eye color match with her makeup and clothes. This is the common phenomenon for stars, especially for those stars who have near-sightedness. You can buy the similar sunglasses as well. Glasses store and cosmetic salon sell cosmetic colored contact lenses, and ebay and amazon also provide cosmetic lenses. You can choose the perfect lenses for yourself, however, I suggest you buy several colors because you can wear different color to express your feeling.
  • Riley eddy


    So, it seems that you like that girl right? As a matter of fact , she has got a pair of biologically blue eyes, which made her very gorgeous and amazing. Of course those eyes are good, but she basically does not wear contact lenses, if you really fancy those eyes, I recommend that you get a pair of blue contact lenses at a local optical store.Or some online shopping sites for more options and better prices.