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Are eye floaters a disability?

I have got eye floaters for years but recently I have heard that people with eye floaters are considered as disabled people, really?
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  • Riley eddy


    No, not really. Disability are people who can't be normal. Their body defect prevent them from normal life. For example, people can't see ( can't walk or can't talk ) are disability. But people with eye floaters can still see things. In fact, in most cases, eye floaters are harmful-less and don't affect your vision. Eye floaters often occurs to people with vision problem such as myopia. Although they are suffered from poor vision, they still can see things through eyeglasses.
  • Denise


    It depends. If you want to know if you are qualify for disability or not, you are suggested to take an eye exam by a board certified ophthalmologist. Commonly, eye floaters do not harm to the eyes. But sometimes, eye floaters may be a sign of some serious eye disease. If you suffered from it and it cause a major vision problems to you, It may consider as a disability to some extent.

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