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How does raw meat help a black eye?

It is said that raw meat can do good to your black eyes, is that true? Why?
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  • jimjames


    Some people believe that put raw meant can help black eyes because the raw meat are cold. The theory is the same as you apply a cold compress for a black eye. However, it is absurd. Putting a raw meat on black eyes actually is dangerous. You know, the raw meat is a potentially home of bacteria. If you put it directly on your black eyes, it is not save your black eyes; on the contrary, it is harmful for your skin and eyes. So, do not put raw meat on a black eye. If you need help, just apply cold compress.
  • John


    Don' t you know that raw meat can help you to cool your eye off? It can also be helpful with your blood flowing under your eyes. It even works better than a cold compress. Besides, it is also said that it can do good to your swollen eyes. So I guess you might as well have a try. But you need to remember that only cold raw meat can do this, and I don' t think you will be stupid enough to place hot and eatable meat on your eyes, lol.

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