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How to get bigger eyes without makeup or surgery?

Can I get my eyes bigger naturally? I mean, not through a surgery or eye makeup.
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  • Kevin lee


    I also want to make my eyes look bigger, too. But there seems no method that can make eyes look bigger without makeup or surgery. If you don't want to makeup, maybe you can ask help from eyelid glue. I heard that eyelid glue can create a double eyelid , thus to make your eyes look bigger. But the eyelid glue is not look so good as you wear eye makeup.
  • cmg6891


    It is really very hard to make your eyes look bigger if you don't wear eye makeup or take plastic surgery. If you want to get good-looking eyes, you shall get good sleep, take balance nutrition food, and have a regularly life. It may make your eyes look bright and fine. But it won’t make your eyes bigger. If you want to have a attracting look, you’d better wear eye makeup.

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