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How should we prevent from amblyopia?

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  • Nlobut


    Amblyopia is a common eye disease in children, with the incidence of about 3%. It occurs only in infants whose vision is not yet developed. Therefore, in the critical period and sensitive period of visual development, timely correction of ametropia, refractive error and the removal of visual deprivation factors are the fundamental ways to prevent the occurrence of amblyopia.
  • Koupttr


    In the infant period, the parents must pay attention to the baby's eye hygiene, while make sure that the baby's towel, the handkerchief should use separately with the adult’s, so as not to contract acute conjunctivitis, trachoma and other infectious eye diseases.
  • Viunier


    Parents should regularly take the baby to the hospital for eye examination, and should pay attention to observe whether there is any possible cause of amblyopia, and through the early detection of feasible means, to carry out prompt correction.