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How to know if versace sunglasses are real or fake?

I want to buy a pair of versace sunglasses to my sister as gift. But i never buy that sunglasses. Is there anyone who can tell me how to judge if versace sunglasses are real or fake?
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  • John clark


    If you want to know the real character of versace sunglasses that your sister sends you in a most direct and easy way, you could just bring the sunglasses to the franchise store to ask the client. In addition, you could observe from the brand print on the frame, the detailed manual work or the comfortable wearing feeling to see whether it is real.
  • chopperkriss


    Well, it is really nice of you to be such a good brother. So, indeed, currently there are so many fake designer sunglasses of different types and brands at sales on the market and generally speaking people don't have any good idea to fight against them. However, you should not be much too worried. There are also ways to protect yourself! You should carefully check the quality and better yet call ther customer hotline to ask for help. Meantime, online purchase is not recommended.
  • Samuel rodney


    The versace brand is a big famous brand all over the world which registed in 1978 in Milan of Italy. The most famous and transcendent designer is Gianni Versace who past away in years of 1997. It produce all the fields of fashion staff such as clothes, perfume, case, and glassware etc. The designning style is exaggerate and sexy towards to the enjoyable of your dream. The manufacture of this brand is a workmanship of the world. No matter what brand of famous and superior sunglasses, they all have the common characters. We can not give you the tip for the 100%'s assurance to define the real or fake of it, but we still have some points for you to choose the right one. Firstly, the best sunglasses have the great anti-ultraviolet function which would prevent the 99%'s ultraviolet. Wearing such kind of sunglasses, your pupil will keep the same no matter indoor or outdoor, in dark or bright place. Secondly, it will be very clear of the vision when you wearing the real sunglasses, your eyes will be comfortable and relax. Thirdly, the real sunglasses will be strong and durable. There have no flaws and scratches on the surface of glasses. The last one, the accessories, such as glasses cloth should be cotton make other than nylon, the details of the glasses box will also be exquisite. Ok, I believe your sight and taste. Follow your nose; it will be no issue to say the real from fake ones.
  • Rachel kim


    Hi I've been looking around for some high quality Versace sunglasses for our coming summer, and found that this shop is running a big promotion, see: Got myself a nice pair at a really good price. Free P P too which makes it even better.
  • Rebecca


    It is really very difficult to distinguish the authenticity of things in daily life, and it really makes us obsessed. To tell the authenticity of the Versace eyeglasses, maybe the following ways can help you. First, Scroll to the bottom of the page and there are links that show each year's eyeglass style, and then check them on the Internet. Also, you said that they are second-hand, but I want to say that if you want to buy real ones only buy them from a reputable retailer.
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  • Tera Enochs


    I purchased a pair of Versace sunglasses at and I must tell you they are fantastic! Not only are they lightweight, but the polarized lenses are well worth the expense.

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