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Adam tuener


How long does it take for your eyes to dilate?

I am just wondering. How long does it take for your eyes to dilate? Is it really harmful if i just let it untreated?
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  • erinpoo130


    Well, it will just take one week for your eyes to dilate. In common, you should that if the black part of the eye is bigger than normal, it is possible to get dilated pupils. And of course, maybe you do not need to treat it and they can just recover by itself. But on the other hand, some factors such as high blood pressure and anxiety can lead to dilated pupils. Also, dehydration can lead to high blood pressure, and then it is possible to lead to dilated pupils too. so for sake of safety, you should go and see the eye doctor.
  • Makayla raphael


    There must be some trigger for your pupil dilation. Pupil is the camera aperture part in eyes, controlling how much light could get into eyes. In bright circumstance, pupil will contract, while in dime environment, it will dilate. No matter it dilate or contract, it is natural response to the light, to make us see clearer. Other common causes for pupil dilation include mydriatics, nervous system stimulation, drugs and poison. If your dilated eyes are caused by mydriatics which are used by doctor to exam your condition, the last period of dilation varies from case to case. Normally speaking, it can last from 24 hours to 2 weeks. With dilated pupil, you might found it a challenge to read or do some up close vision work. You also need to wear sunglasses to protect your eye when you entered a bright circumstances. If any trend to go worse, you should let your doctor know at once.