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What to wear with john lennon round sunglasses for a better look?

I have a pair of john lennon round sunglasses. Any suggestion for choosing clothes to match my round sunglasses? I want to look in a retro vintage way. Your suggestions will be appreciated.
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  • Aaron lewis


    I don't know the color of your john lennon round sunglasses. You should firstly keep notice of matching of color between the sunglasses and the clothing. If you want to look in a retro vintage way, you'd better wear the classic jeans and bring a vintage bag. Thus, the vintage smell will come out totally. You will absolutely look fashionable and cool.
  • Christopher dale


    If you want to look cool with round sunglasses like john lennon wear, you'd better prepare some retro vintage style clothes in 1960's. It will help to make you look retro. Besides, if you are a men, you can just wear businesses suit when you wear such round sunglasses. It will make you cool. Anyway, just try on yourself and form your own appreciation of fashion?