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lee Kevin 


Is it normal to be blurry and uncomfortable to wear contact Lenses for first-time user?

Are contact lenses suppossed to be blurry and a bit uncomfortable when you first put them in?I got them today and am quite confused about that.
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  • Susan


    Yes,it is quite normal to have such feeling.If it is first time for you to wear contacts, you may undergo some blurring and dryness because your eyes are trying to adjust to wearing contacts and it will take several days to 2 weeks at most for some people to get used to it. If your eyes are too dry, you will find things blurry. In this case, you can just buy some eye drops that are safe for use while wearing contact lenses, which will help to add some extra moisture to your eyes.After that ,you should be fine.
  • Brittany green


    I had the same problem when I started to wear them for the first time. It was because your eyes adjusting to the contacts, since it is like a foreign object.
  • Xinxin Li


    First of all, you should make sure that you have gone through the eye examination of the doctor to make sure that your eyes could wear contacts. Second, make sure that you wear the suitable contacts in the right way. If you have followed the above two conditions, then it is normal that your eyes are blurry and uncomfortable to wear contacts as you are a first-time user. Because your eyes need a certain period of time to get used to your contacts and the length of the time depends on the physical conditions of each indivisual. What you should do is to follow the instructions of your doctor, wearing the contacts less than eight hours a day, as well as wearing them less than five days a week. Besides, use quality contact lens solution to clean your contacts before and after you wear them.
  • Catherine williams


    Don't worry! It is quite normal for you to feel that. Because it is the first time for you to do that, your eyes do not adapt to the new things. After a period of time of adaption you will feel as if there is nothing in your eyes. And it will take several days to 2 weeks at most for some people to get used to it. I have a friend having the same doubt to yours when she wears contact lenses for the first time. But 3 days later, she told me that the symptom disappeared completely. She feels very comfortable and clear.
  • Z Jeyyo


    It's quite normal for you first-time users to have that kind of uncomfortable feeling, this is because your eyes need a period of time(it might be a few days or hours) to get accustomed to the contact lenses just as you need some time to adapt to a new environment. However, one thing you have to bear in mind that keep the lenses clean,and put them out of your eyes before sleep. Only in this way can your eyes be in a better condition and can the lenses save much more trouble for you. Thanks for consulting.
  • li sujing


    Yes,it is normal to feel uncomfortable and blurry as you are a first user!Because your eyes neeed time to adjust it.Maybe three days later you will have no unusual feelings.But make sure that you use it in the right way !Two notices:First,make sure you put them in the right place,not upside down.When you put the lense on your finger it looks like a small bowel,which presents you using it in the very right way, or you are wrong.Second,donot put the right lense in your left eye.For that if one of your eye has some inflammation ,the other one will be infected by the lense!
    As you are a new user ,I am going to give you some proposals.You should wear it as what your doctor told you.Such as how long you can take it per day/week.And wearing contact Lenses makes eyes tired,you can buy some eye drops or an eyeshade for laxation.
  • Anthony gary


    Make sure you put them in the right place,not upside down.Your nails should be cut short when putting them in,If it is not infection,it is normal to feel uncomfortable on first day.
  • maryam rehman


    Its my 2nd day with the lenses nd i feel uncomfortable while putting them on my left eye bt once they go in nd settle down on the right place my eye starts to sort of accept the new entry nd it takes max 5 mins for my eye to become normal. I was curious wether if there is something wrong nd alot of u guys helped me out in calming down that YEAH .....!!!! Its gonna take a while to get used to it.Thnkx alot
  • califractal


    Not really, it is normal for the new contact lenses wears feel that they see things blurry. However, contact lenses are supposed to clear up vision, not blur it. If the lens is making a new wearer see things blurry it typically means there are a lot of tears generated or there are oils on the lens. Using solution to clean the lenses and reinserting the contacts will clear up the vision. If the problem persists, call your eye doctor.
  • xiaoer q



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