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What are the benefits of Interchangeable lens Sunglasses?

I find there are sunglasses with 3 or 4 sets of lenses. What are the benefits of Interchangeable lens Sunglasses?
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  • etje


    Sunglasses with interchangeable lens are very useful. You can wear different sunglasses for different kinds of activities by exchanging the Interchangeable lens. For example, you may wear a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses to drive which can help reduce the glare while driving on the road. If you want to wear sunglasses for sports, you can change for another pair of lenses to make them a pair of sports glasses. Therefore when you get interchangeable lens sunglasses, you don't have to buy different pairs of sunglasses for different kinds of conditions.
  • cazzeh


    As we know, different occasion shall wear different clothes, so do the sunglasses lenses. With Interchangeable lens Sunglasses, you can choose suitable sunglasses lenses when you engage in different sports activity. For example, you may prefer a pair of polarized lenses when you drive or fish. But you may expected another pair when you play basketball or tennis. So, it is great to have a pair of Interchangeable lens Sunglasses.

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