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Miranda clark


Are prescription sunglasses covered by insurance?

i want to get a pair of prescription sunglasses. Are they usually covered by insurance(I have a nice vision plan).
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  • chemicalumnesnt


    Whether your prescription sunglasses are covered by insurance depends on your vision plan because it varies from plan to plan. When you go to have an eye exam, you should take a look at your plan first to determine whether it covers prescription sunglasses or not. If you can't determine by yourself, you should talk to your optometrist about your insurance. Or you can call insurance company to know whether the prescription sunglasses are covered or not.
  • Luthy


    In fact, most of medical insurance cover losses of vision and finances due to eye injury or disease. If your eyes are damaged in a accident and required the services of an eye doctor, it will be covered by insurance. Since most of medical insurance not cover typical care for the eyes, they may not covered by insurance?. If your insurance has a vision insurance policy attached to it, it maybe covered prescription sunglasses.