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How much do contact lenses cost at eyemasters?

If I plan to buy contacts at eyemasters, how much money should i prepare for it. What's the average prices of contact lenses at eyemasters?
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  • Makayla raphael


    The average prices of contact lenses at eyemasters is about $ 65. However different types of contact lenses with different materials and functions may vary a lot in price. You could base on your own needs to choose the suitable one. Thus, you'd better prepare the money more than the average price to go buy.
  • Anna


    Well, as far as I am concerned, Eyemasters is a good place for sunglasses and contacts, for their scale is so large and they have much experience in selling various types of glasses including contact lenses. Typically, you should prep yourself with 100 dollars , just in case. Actually, they are not very costly, since the cost of making them is not high. The average price for them is about 50 bucks at eyemasters. Perhaps you should go yourself.
  • Logan


    I can share my experience with you here.I went in for the "2 for $149" promotion. They were not ready in the promised 1 hour, though. So, I went in the next day and picked-up only one pair of glasses. Both lens in the 2nd pair were scratched. I was promised they would be ready in a month. Back to that first pair: within a week of wearing them, I discovered a nose pad was missing - hopelessly lost. This was within ONE WEEK! cheap prices = cheap glasses

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