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Metal and plastic glasses, which one last longer?

I want to make a choices between metal and plastic glasses. What are the advantages of them? Which one will last longer?
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  • Adam peters


    The common glasses are made of metal or plastic that we often see. They have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, both of them are anti-shocked, with the metal's character is a little better. However, the metal glasses are too heavy. That is why a lot of children choose to wear the plastic glasses, leaving no nose print because of its lightness. While people except children will choose the metal glasses because of its sense of quality. In addition, the metal glasses will last longer because of the anti corrosion character. Both two have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is your favor and need that depend.
  • Richard


    It is hard to tell if plastic glasses or metal glasses last longer. Usually, most people think that metal glasses will more durable and will last for a longer time. But i have a pair of plastic framed eyeglasses which has last for 8 years. And the eyeglasses is still OK. But my prescription increased, so, i changed another pair. Anyway, if you want to buy durable one, i suggest you to buy memory plastic eyeglasses, or memory metal, titanium eyeglasses frames. They are durable and light weight.
  • Bernadette Korey


    Typically glasses come in two main style materials: metal and plastic. Well, it is hard to say which kind of glasses is best or wonderful. But on the other hand, distinguishing between different glasses frame materials can make a large impact on your subsequent style choices. One typical trait to plastic eyeglasses or sunglasses is that style of the frame will generally be thicker than that of a metal frame. And also, Plastic frames cover basically the entire spectrum of fashion styles. For instance, they can easily be used for small children, with eccentric designs, characters, colors, and shapes. So in my opinion, you can choose plastic ones which can last longer.
  • neva taylor


    It totally depends on how you use it. The frame of plastic is often thicker than a metal one, and it could hide thick lenses better than thin metal frames do. Compared with metal frames, plastic frames usually do not have adjustable nose pads thus they are less adjustable. The main shortcoming of plastic frame is that the stretches are made easily,and are expanded due to the heat. Even it is not repairable due to its material. On the other side, metal comes in many colors beyond basic gold and silver, the overall look is sleeker and less noticeable than a plastic frame.

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