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Jacqueline warren


Does graves disease cause eye pain?

I once suffered from graves disease. Now, i feel eye pain. I wonder if graves disease cause eye pain? How?
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  • Bernice


    Graves diseases is a type of thyroid condition that caused by abnormal stimulation of the thyroid gland. So far, I didn' t found that people can get eye pain from graves disease. People suffered from graves disease are likely to suffer trouble sleeping, irritability or nervousness, hand tremors as well as fatigue or muscle weakness. And eye pain usually caused by tiredness, eye infection and other eye diseases. So, you' d better have your eyes checked so as to know what causes it.
  • enternalhate


    First of all, you should know that graves disease is also called thyroid eye disease. When you get it, your eye muscles will be attacked. And your connective tissue within the eye socket will also get damaged. You may get eye pain coz of that rather easily. Well, if you are already sure that you get it, you should go to an eye doctor in no time. I don' t think there are effective home remedies to it.
  • Bug


    Well, yes, Graves’ disease can just lead to eye pain. So you need to be more careful about it. Generally speaking, Graves' disease is a thyroid condition which can result from abnormal stimulation of the thyroid gland by a material in the blood. And of course, when it occurs, there are some symptoms you need to know. For example, it will just cause pain in your eyes. Also, light sensitivity can be possible. What is more, for some cases, you may have trouble to move your eyes. Besides, you need to know that many factors including genes, gender, stress, pregnancy, and possibly infections can just be the common causes.
  • hand_in__hand


    Yes, Graves disease may cause eye pain, and eyes are particularly vulnerable to it. Graves disease can also be called thyroid eye disease, which is an autoimmune condition that associate with imbalanced thyroid hormone. When you suffer from Graves disease, the eyelids will be wide open, which can prevent blinking and lubrication of the eyes, resulting in eye pain, inflammation, redness, high pressure, etc. Maybe your Grave disease has not completely recover that why it causes your eye pain again, so you should see a doctor. Treatments of Grave disease include medications to suppress the production of hormone by the thyroid gland, meanwhile you can use some artificial eye drops to relive eye pain.