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joyce Jose 


Can I get kids contact lenses anywhere?

Where can I get children's contact lenses? i dont need them but I want to look like something cool.I have only found adult ones though.
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  • Cameron garcia


    To be honest, if you want to get childs contact lenses, make sure you are responsible enough to follow the eye doctor's instructions for contacts' use and you are exactly careful when using them. If you are able to wear contacts, you need to see your doctor and get the right contact lenses. If you can't take care of yourself, you'd better not wear contacts then, otherwise they will hurt your eyes if you use them improperly.
  • Adam peters


    The contacts are not separated by age ,and there is no contacts designed specially for children.If you don't need them,you'd better not get them cuz they can easiy cause eye problems if cared unproperly.
  • Kristy Prince


    You can buy it online.I have seen many girls wear that for beauty.They are suitable for both children and adults.