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keith Thomas


How to erase the dots on contact lenses and what casue the tearing?

Lately I found there are some white dots on my right lens which cannot be cleaned. What causes this? And when I wear that lens I can’t stop tearing and it is very irritating! What the problem can be?
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  • James gary


    It is the dots that cause your tearing. The dots either be the protein deposit or a small scratch on your lens. If it is the protein deposit, you can use active surface cleaner to rub the lens, or you can use protease preparations to deal with it. If it is the scratch, then you should change for a new pair of contact lenses.
  • Jean


    It sounds like a protein deposit. It is time to get a new pair.
  • edward


    Switch to wear daily disposable lenses,then you won't have the problem again.
  • Heidi Poole


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