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How to clean disposable contact lenses? Suggestion?

I have bought a pair of disposable contact lenses. This is my first time to wear contact lenses. I heard that contact lenses need to clean every day. So, how can i clean the disposable contact lenses?
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  • carolmck


    You mean you want to clean your disposable contact lenses and reuse it? I think you needn't clean it. As the name implies, disposable contact lenses are made for wearing one time. You can throw them away once your worn it. So, you needn't clean it. If you continue to use it, it will make your eyes in high risks.
  • Daniel


    It is quite easy. Firstly, put your contact lenses into the palm of your hand when you take the lens out of your eye. Secondly, take a few drops of your contact lens solution and rub it with your forefinger, which can help you to remove the deposits and debris from the lens. At last, put your lens into your case and cover it tightly with some more fresh solution. Remember to change the solution every day to make sure the lens can be in a clean circumstance. What is more, clean your hand with soap every time you touch the lens.
  • Allen


    I am afraid that you do not need clean the disposable contact lenses. Disposable contact lenses are designed for only one time use. Many people think they can be used more than one time because they seem not like broken. However, this is a wrong idea. Disposable contact lenses are made of special material which will lose some function after using once. You should buy monthly or yearly contact lenses if you want to wear many times. Using the contact lenses solution can help cleaning the contact lenses. You can easily get them in eyeglasses store.
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