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Faith cook


Can tap water cause eye infection ?

A bit of tap water gets into my eyes. Will it cause infection on my eyes? Is it harmful to eyes?
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  • Jackson raphael


    Well, looks like you have got some tap water into your eyes, somehow it was careless of you. Anyway, from what I know, you are likely to get infections, but it is not necessarily so, because that depends on the quality of the water. Generally speaking, a slight amount of tap water would be no harm, but excessive tap water could be dangerous, leading to some red eyes or other problems. Anyway, try to get some eye drops to deal with it.
  • Allison leslie


    Well, generally speaking, you do not need to worry about it. Tap water will not make some damages in your eyes, unless the water has been polluted. Of course, if your eyes are sensitive than normal ones, it may lead to some eye infection. For that situation, you should see the eye doctor as soon as possible. In common, tap water will be fine for most people's eyes. Anyway, you just need to take some eye drops for the sake of safety.
  • Blanca C.


    It is really rare to get eye infection when tap water gets into your eyes. It most frequently occurs in contacts lenses wearers. Nevertheless, just relax yourself, because as I said before it is very rare. When you found the tap water gets into your eyes, you will just need to wear your eyes with the steam, here pls remember do not wash your eyes with tap water again. If you are a contacts wearer, you will have to put off your contacts, then use some eye drops to clean your eyes. At the same time, you should also clean your lenses because maybe the bacteria in the water has attached your lenses, if so, when you put on the contacts on again, your eyes will get infected as well. If you find the wayside I told you do not work and your eyes become red, pls go to the hospital and the doctor will help you clean your eyes. Kindly advice you had better not rub your eyes. Good luck.