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Can I wear contacts after corneal transplant?

Is it bad to wear contact lenses after corneal transplant? What are the effects on eyes?
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  • b3autiful_s0ul


    Well, it seems that you are eager to wear contact lenses, so you should know that corneal transplant is a significant eye surgery which would decide your vision, anyway, you have got corneal transplant, and maybe you eyes are still not in good conditions, so, here my advice for you is to consult a doctor and take an eye exam before making any decisions ok? Sometimes wearing contact lenses could help you improve your vision after that surgery.
  • emiliaenespanol


    It is bad to wear the contact lenses after you wear corneal transplant. As we know, the contact lenses are worn directly on the surface of the eyes which need the breath through the water content element. However, if you wear the contact lenses, your eyes may easily get dry which will be bad for the corneal. Then there is the high possibility for you to get the eyes inflammation to cause other eyes problems. After getting the corneal transplant, you need to protect the eyes by eating food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes and not let the eyes get dry which will be so bad for the corneal. You should also do the regular check on the eyes to see whether there is the problem for the eyes.
  • claire_lew


    Well, in my opinion, you are not supposed to wear contact lenses after you have taken the corneal transparent. Generally speaking, you can wear contact lenses, after the first week of the surgery. As we know that contact lenses are make from plastic and they are applied directly into your eye ball. In that way, it will hurt your eyes, for after the surgery, your eyes will become sensitive and fragile. Also, contact lenses will carry many bacteria into your eyes, leading to eye infection. And that can be dangerous to your situation. Anyway, do not wear the contact lenses.

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