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Adam peters


Is eating too much calcium bad for eyes?

In my opinion, calcium is a good substance to build our health body. However, i saw somebody say online that eat too much calcium bad for eyes. Really? Will eating too much calcium bad for eyes?
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  • Brittany green


    It can be said, everything has a limit, and if you are beyond a certain range, of course, you will get some unnecessary trouble. Similarly, for calcium, it is the same, although calcium pays a very important part to build our health body. Yes, eating too much calcium is bad for our eyes, mainly because, it hinders the absorption of some substances, such as vitamin C and vitamin E. However, vitamin C and vitamin E are a good antioxidant, they can increase eye vascular elasticity and permeability effect. Therefore, experts puts forward, don't have the thought, which is, the more the better. In fact, if you eat too much calcium, it will no longer have a positive effect on your body ,that is to say, people should eat more vegetables and fruits, and in this way, your eyes can benefit a lot.
  • george


    So far, i never heard that eating too much calcium will bad for eyes. On the contrary, eating too much calcium can Is good to build eye health. Besides, eat more food which with rich calcium can help you release fatigue eyes. If your body lack of calcium, it will contribute to myopia. So, for children and young people, they should eat more food with rich calcium.
  • Savannah taylor


    Absolutely yes, it would not good for your eyes if you intake too much. As we all known, calcium is useful and important for developing and maintaining strong teeth and bones, aiding in blood clotting and facilitating the transmission of nerve impulses and muscle contractions. However, it would influence the kidney function and keep absorbing excess other essential nutrients if takes too much calcium. If do so, kidney cannot handle excess amounts of calcium to indirectly lead to some eye problems, such as dark circles under the eye area. For example, diabetes is a kidney related problem that would cause some eye problems as well.