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Alexia gerard


Are all ray-ban sunglasses made in italy?

I want to buy real ray ban sunglasses. But i don't know how to choose it. I saw some ray ban sunglasses made in China. Is that fake? Are all ray ban sunglasses made in Italy?
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  • Kevin


    Yeah, the ray ban sunglasses with the mark of "made in china" can also be real ones. Chinese companies are regarded as the processing branch ones. Although most of this type of sunglasses are made in Italy, some of them are processed in China. This brand sunglasses are perfect at the quality and the design.
  • Eric quick


    Yes, Ray-Ban is an Italian owned brand. But they were introduced for the United States Army Air Corps and that make it known to lots of people. I don't know if there are ray ban sunglasses made in China. But i saw there is a few ray ban exclusive shop at China when i am on business trip. If you want to buy real ray -ban sunglasses, you can buy it from ray ban shop or order it from their official websites. Good luck.
  • Ethan edward


    Since 1988,ray ban was purchased by an Italy company named LUXOTTICA.So all ray ban sunglasses made in Italy.Some ray ban sunglasses are fake that made in china. How to choose ray ban sunglasses?Model and standard are marked on earpieces;ray ban shops have brand authorization document;ray ban sunglasses cloth are rectangular,the color is gray only.The price of ray ban is expensive ,at least $70-$130 or RMB1200.

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