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Can excessive crying cause eye infection?

Is it possible to get eye infection because of excessive cry? What's the side effects in eyes because of excessive cry?
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  • etilnus


    Yes, it is very possible for you to get eye infection because of excessive cry. If you cry in the large amount, your tears gland system will work in disorder. There are many side effects in eyes because of excessive cry. Your eyes will be dry easily. In addition, your eyes will also get the coming invisible bacterium. You should not cry a lot and protect the eyes from the healthy habit of diet and rest.
  • Melissa garcia


    Well, from what i see, you are worried about your eye health. So, as a matter of fact, excessive crying would not give rise to some infections, because those infections are resulted from bacterium, unless you try to rub your eyes a lot with dirty hands. Anyway, excessive crying would still lead to swollen eyes or puffy eyes as a result. Just take care of your eyes ok?
  • Randy C


    Panic and anxiety must experiebce during your excessive cry. And excessive cry can lead to being imbalance of chemical and hormonal in the brain. Nerves in brain which control eye movements will be affected indeed. Due to excessive tears, eyes become pain, dry and redness, eye infection is easy to get. Plus, the most important side effects of excessive cry are to decrease intellectual, emotional, and social development.