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Paige williams


Is strabismus a hereditary eye disorder?

I know that some eye disorder can be inherited. Is strabismus a hereditary eye disorder, too?
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  • Joshua arnold


    Yeah, most people with strabismus are born to be from the childhood. And it is pity that only doing surgery can cure it. If you don't want to do the surgery, wearing the special eyeglasses only helps you see clearly and control your situation of eyes. Thus, a lot of people with strabismus will prefer to do the surgery to help them cure it.
  • chopperkriss


    The condition of eyes is related by hereditary, yes some eye disorder can be inherited from parents to their child. From the survey, we get that, the strabismus is truly an autosome recessive hereditary disease. If the two sides of parents have this disease, the kids must get the disease the same. But if only one side of them has, the other side is the gene carrier; the morbidity of their kids will be 50%. Half normal and half abnormal of one couple, the kids will not get the disease. So, if you get the strabismus, you would better find a partner who has no such disease to void this kind of hereditary.
  • Katelyn smith


    Yes, it could be hereditary in some situations. Because of strabismus is easy to find during the early stage, some are genetic. One reasonable cause is both the parents have strabismus in their kids' age. There is no doubt to increase the possibility of getting strabismus when their kids born. However, in fact, there is obvious evidence to proof strabismus is a hereditary eye disorder.

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