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Can reading glasses be for every day use?

I just got some reading glasses today. And thought that i could use them for every day use.
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  • 04/12/2012

    go to the store where you got your glasses and tell the problem . Make sure they give you the right reading glasses . Or maybe the prescription is wrong ? Check it with your doctor . Hope this can help !
  • 04/13/2012

    If your stigmatism is not serious ,the regular reading glasses will be ok for you .otherwise you need to see your doctor .but you DO have to consider about the strength, just like you have to consider about size or style when buying clothing,
  • LisaT


    Yes they can be for every day use but not use them all day . You can use them for some close work such as reading , sewing or watching TV . But when you don't need to see things clearly , you'd better take them off .
  • 04/14/2012

    my unprofessional advise : go to see your ophthalmologist and have a new prescription for your contacts .maybe your vision has changed and the prescription is no longer fitting you . Then you consider whether to get reading glasses .
  • Arianna


    Reading glasses can be used for close up work. You can wear them when you need them. But people often use reading glasses when they want to read or do some close up work, they will take off them when they want to view things in the distance. Reading glasses can't be used for viewing things in the distances. You may suffer from blur vision if you use them for that purpose. So in my opinion, I think reading glasses can be used every day but they can't be used for a whole day.
  • Alexa joyce


    You can use reading glasses every time you need them for your close up work. You can take off them when you don't need them. but you'd better not wear reading glasses for a whole day because everyone of us need to view things in the distance sometimes, while reading glasses can't be used for viewing things in the distance. Hope this helped!
  • hands4god


    My grandpa has a pair of reading glasses. He often put on them when he wants to read newspapers. I saw him often put on and took off his reading glasses from time to time. Maybe people will wear reading glasses only when they need them.

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