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Jack percy


How much is an eye exam at hakim optical?

Have your hear hakim optical? Do you know how much they charge for give an eye exam to people? Are they expensive?
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  • Ana evelyn


    I never get eye exam at hakim optical. So, i don't know the exactly prices of eye exam at hakim optical. But i saw somewhere online that it is about 65to 70 dollars to get an eye exam there. Personally, i think it is a little expensive. If you want to get exam at cheap prices, you can go Walmart Vision Center where most of people charge less than 60 dollars. Hope this help.
  • Hunter jackson


    After my research on the website of hakim optical, I got the information that the price of eye examination is $70. because hakim optical has said that if you bring in receipt with your prescription and when you purchase one or more complete pair of glasses, it will take off $70 off to offset your eye examination. Before you take an eye test at hakim optical, you need to find closest eye test centre, view the location details and daily operations schedule and book an appointment by filling up an online appointment request form. If you want to know more about it, you can research the website

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