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Does Coconut Oil help treat pink eyes?

Some people said that Coconut Oil help treat pink eyes. Is that true? How they help pink eyes?
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  • David Felker


    Yes, it's useful to treat pink eyes. Pink eyes are caused by virus, bacteria and other infections mainly. The coconut oil contains many nutrients and chemical components to boost immune system to help fight with eye infection as well as pink eye. And the pure coconut oil and not hydrogenated coconut oil can be worked for treating pink eyes.
  • EDGAR Schneider


    Yes, coconut oil can help treat the pink eyes. As we know that Pink eye is an eye infection which is also known as conjunctivitis. And the condition may result from bacteria, a virus or fungus. For the Symptoms it includes redness, itching, scratchiness and tearing. And then Coconut oil contains many nutrients and chemical components that some people believe will not only boost your overall health, but also may improve conditions such as pink eye. In other words, coconut oil may boost your immune system, and this could help fight your eye infection. So you can have a try.
  • tuener


    From the aspect of medical principle, the coconut oil can treat the pink eyes to some degree. As we know, the pink eyes are always caused by the coming bacterium or the infection from others. The essence of the treatment of pink eyes is to get rid of the bacterium. And the inner elements of the coconut oil have the similar function as the antibiotics which may kill the bacterium inside the body. And you can make food with coconut oil and eat it to treat the pink eyes.