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DEREK Garrana


What are good eye exercises for squint eyes?

Can you guys tell me some eye exercises that can help cure squint eyes? What are good eye exercises that can help me?
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  • Christopher dale


    Squint is the term used when the two eyes are not pointing in the same direction. There are mainly two categories of exercises for treating squint eyes. One is focusing on training the muscles surrounding the eye thus the squint patients could move the weaker eye more effectively. Or the vision therapy is not only training the eye muscles but also working with the brain's ability to control eye alignment, focus, movement and information processing, that is considered as a more intensive process.
  • walkerstalker2


    The eye exercises can't cure the squint eyes, but they can control the eye vision. Someone with the squint eyes can't see the things with the eyes pointing at the same point at the same time. Thus, the eye exercises must train your brain's control. You can put the chopsticks in front of you. Then try your hard to see it by using the control of your eyes. Thus, after a long time's training, your eyes may act effectively.