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Do acetate glasses have the most extensive applicable people?

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  • Lorrey


    Yes they do. Acetate glasses are made from hypoallerginic materials. You don't need to worry if you get allergy easily. besides they are strong enough which makes it very durable. it definitely fit large amount of people.
  • Xhihd


    I think the answer maybe yes, cellulose acetate is the most utilized material, which can be found in many frames, acetate glasses are hypoallerginic, they also rich in colors and styles. You can find the one which suit your face, outfits and even lifestyle without getting allergy.
  • Djjhbvcer


    As I know, they are hypoallergenic and resistant to perspiration and cosmetics. This material can be easily adapted to perfectly fit the wearer's face with long lasting results and has no contraindication,even for the most sensitive skins, according to the company.Thus acetate glasses is also suitable for those with high myopia, because the frame is larger and stable that can withstand the thickness of the lenses.